Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yasmin's Dresser - DIY Style

I thought I would show you my daughters "boudoir" as I like to call it....You see we went to a friends house, who's daughter had a barbie makeup dresser and chair - needless to say my daughter promptly sat her butt on the stool, started applying makeup and didn't leave it all day. So I decided to make her a nice one....

My husband actually made this dresser himself whilst in high school (and we were actually going to throw it out!) so I simply sanded it, painted it distressed white, got some lovely flower door knobs off eBay and stealed my sisters venetian mirror she wasn't using. Now Yasmin has a nice place to sit and apply her lipstick all day long!


Sharnel said...

Oh it's adorable and much more stylish than any Barbie dressing table!
Well done Erin. Love the knobs too.

M i s s said...

How cute! I love following your ideas although I think that DIY is a relative term that depends entirely on who is behind the 'Y' ^~ I prefer to watch and admire, ha ha!