Monday, May 25, 2009

Paper Love....

Stunning Christal Kluge Fonts from here....

Pretty Paper Pin Wheels.........

Pastel Paper Parasols from Papier D'amour

Fortune Tellers from Papier D'amour.. what a great idea for a wedding!

Hug and Kisses paper tickets by Prue Trollope sweet...

I just love paper and typography they just make me so happy.......So here are a few pretty images I have been saving up for a while.....Papercraft is so much fun and when I got married I had so much fun doing the invitations! I wish I could do it all over again (to the same groom of course!)

Image 1 & 2 Via: Christal Kluge
Image 3 via : Unknown
Image 4, 5 & 6 via: Papier D'amour
Image 7 via: Prue Trollope

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alba Vintage

Remember this gorgeous "Whitehouse" Situated in Far North Coast NSW back in the March 2008 issue of Country Style Magazine? Well I just loved it and was shocked to find out that this gorgeous, beautiful house, with all of those wonderful curios was situated in my own home town of Lismore! So I was even more excited to read the article and find out that the owner, Simon Robinson has a shop in Lismore called Alba Vintage. I was in Lismore on Wednesday and promised myself I would not leave until I had found his shop!

Whimsy, White grill - a pretty way of protecting your shop....

Fabulous Frames...

Vintage cane walking sticks and umbrellas......

Vintage Buttons galore!

Simon's shop is fantabulous! So if your ever in the area be sure to check it out! I could of spent all day in there and I didn't even take any photos of the vintage cutlery, fabrics, mik glass, porcelains or the plethora of jewellery in there........the mind just boggles......
Images via: Country Style Magazine and me

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Best Smelling Candle In The World!!

Don't you just love candles?? It's my sister-in-laws birthday today, so we decided to buy her this gorgeous Glass House Candle. The scent is absolutely delicious and reminds me of Summer all year round. (And the packaging is just fabulous as well not to mention the glass jar you are left with once it runs out). It's called Montego Bay and its "Coconut & Lime" scent will having you dreaming of cocktails in the sunny Maldives...I have one at home in my entry way and everyone always comments on the smell. Now I really want another one for my bedroom...mmmm! I hope she likes it as much as me!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Presentation Is Everything People

I thought I would show you a house listed for sale I found on Clearly this Real Estate Agent isn't worth his grain of salt! I mean come on; presentation is everything people! How hard would it be to wash up and maybe get rid of those hand towels hanging from everyone of those bloody door handles.....Absolutely hilarious! And I do apologise in advance if this just happens to be your house for sale.

Now On the other hand......

Stunning, Stunning, Stunning....

Gorgeous enclosed wraparound verandas....

What a cosy bedroom and to have a fireplace in the bedroom is my dream.....zzz

Isn't this house just gorgeous? All white, tongue & groove walls, cosy nooks and fireplaces galore.....I wouldn't mind living here for the winter......
all images via:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stylist Stalking: Sam Moiler

To DIE for......Love, Love, Love this!

So Sweet....

Too Cute
I actually had the pleasure of meeting Sam Moiler last Thursday. My mother introduced me to her whilst we down the street sipping our Latte's. My mum did tell me that she was a freelance stylist and had done some work for Real Living Magazine (which I am a huge fan of!) but I didn't quite realise just who she was (or how good) until I got home and googled her! Her work is absolutely amazing and she is just stunning in person! You can see more of her work here and check out her website here. Apparently she was head stylist at the Sydney Morning Herald for three years and has now become a freelancer. She is also fashion editor for My Child magazine. I think I want to throw up I am so jealous........

Images via;

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Offical I Want a Boy!

After seeing this gorgeous photo on the ever amazing blog The Sartorialist I definately want a boy! What a cool dude! Are'nt his clothes just gorgeous? And no suprises that he is the son of Justine Cullen, Editor of monthly glossy Shop til You Drop Mag.....

Have a nice weekend ladies and see you on Monday!

Image via: The Sartorialist

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gaudy Grecian Glamour

Don't you just love my ceramic & gold goblets? I just found them down at our local op shop for $1 a piece! I bought all six of them because I just love outlandish, showy, Grecian, tastelessly ornamented gaudiness! Come on' tell me how much you love them!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In The Family Way.....

Today I thought I would let you in on my little secret......I am pregnant! I am only just 11 weeks and have been getting all day sickness, heartburn, and feel like a freight train has run over me, twice - but apart from that, all is well.......On to the next dilemma: I don't know whether I should find out the sex or not? I didn't when I was pregnant with Yasmin and was convinced I was having a boy! (Lucky I went with a neutral theme for the nursery). But this time around I feel like I need to be more prepared and want to start collating ideas for the nursery!! Oh the perils of pregnancy.... What do you think I should do, keep it a secret or find out and start decorating?
Image via: We Heart It

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sibella Court

Sibella's NYC Loft Apartment

Sibella's Styling

The Society Inc

NYC Loft Apartment (Swoon)

And again....

The Society Inc

I just love Sibella Court's styling. Every magazine I buy it seems that a lot of the pictures have been styled by Sibella. So it was no surprise last night to found out that she is now one of the judges on HomeMADE a new program that aired last night on the Nine network which you can find here. This lady just amazes me and check out her NYC Loft apartment. This photo shoot is old and she is now living in Australia but these photos from Inside Out Magazine where just so pretty to pass up and my favourite......Sibella has also opened up her own shop in Paddington Sydney aptly named "The Society Inc".

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Photography by Mark O'Meara

Image 2 & 3 Via: We heart it

To all you lovely yummy mummy's out there - Happy Mothers Day!

I hope you all get spoilt rotten and here's to hoping mine goes something like this.......
  • A delicious (late) Breakfast @ at my favourite cafe after my morning sleep in.
  • Open up my present.
  • A nice long walk or maybe swim (weather permitting) at the beach, to burn off all those (well deserved) calories after breakfast.

And of course a huge "Happy Mothers Day" to my mommy dearest who is the most wonderful Mum in the world! Thanks for having me mum and being so nice to me all of these are the best...