Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brisbane Stitches & Craft Show

"Tips & Tricks Wall"

Imagine these pin cushions made very large and in a children's corner for reading a book on! Next Project!

Did I ever tell you I am left-handed? And that I am quite un-coordinated with stitching. Well know you see I have learnt a very, very, valuable lesson in this goes something like this.

When I was young in high school I used to take sewing classes and I always got extremely frustrated (and so did the teachers) because it took me a little longer than usual to do the normal stuff: like pinning and sewing in a straight line. (It does not come easy for me) You see the teachers used to look at the way I sewed backwards, and pinned, and cut, and cried and of course felt sorry for me and they would end up showing the poor, uncoordinated left-hander what to do which would then dramatically end in them completing my project, hence me learning nothing at all regarding sewing. As I was young and dumb and quite the manipulator I quickly cottoned-on to this theory and at home when ever a sewing task came to hand (no matter how menial) my very neat, very pedantic and very perfect sewing mum saw my (over exaggerated) distress and came to my rescue again "showing" me what to do and thus completing all sewing projects.

I am however pleased to announce that since my teenage years I have improved sewing, however I still sometimes need someone (usually mother) to be by my side to answer questions, catch tears and make me copious amounts of coffee as the tasks at hand usually take a while to complete. Which brings me know to the 'Craft Bar' at the Stitches and Craft show. A lovely lady taught us how to hand-sew a pin cushion using a lovely Liberty of London fabric that took our fancy. Upon arrival I explained my left-handed-ness and she said she would help which she did - with out taking over and the result was this gorgeous hand-sewn, floral, stitches-coming-apart-at-the-corners, blood soaked pin cushion. I couldn't be prouder, however I will not be showing the photo........

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