Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In The Family Way.....

Today I thought I would let you in on my little secret......I am pregnant! I am only just 11 weeks and have been getting all day sickness, heartburn, and feel like a freight train has run over me, twice - but apart from that, all is well.......On to the next dilemma: I don't know whether I should find out the sex or not? I didn't when I was pregnant with Yasmin and was convinced I was having a boy! (Lucky I went with a neutral theme for the nursery). But this time around I feel like I need to be more prepared and want to start collating ideas for the nursery!! Oh the perils of pregnancy.... What do you think I should do, keep it a secret or find out and start decorating?
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The Princess & The Pea said...

Congrats on being in the family way! To find out or not find out? Well, I think it's a very personal thing so I'll just tell you what has happened in our family...both my younger sisters have had children now - one has two kids and the other just had her first about two months ago. Both of them found out what they were having each time and both of them already had their names picked out so from a very early stage the family was referring to the babies by name long before they were born. They became a real part of the family months they were actually born and it was just lovely. By the time they arrived we all couldn't wait to meet them because we felt like we knew them already. I thought it was absolutely wonderful and will definitely do the same thing if I have a child. I do get how people like the surprise too so as I said at the start it's so personal!