Monday, May 18, 2009

Stylist Stalking: Sam Moiler

To DIE for......Love, Love, Love this!

So Sweet....

Too Cute
I actually had the pleasure of meeting Sam Moiler last Thursday. My mother introduced me to her whilst we down the street sipping our Latte's. My mum did tell me that she was a freelance stylist and had done some work for Real Living Magazine (which I am a huge fan of!) but I didn't quite realise just who she was (or how good) until I got home and googled her! Her work is absolutely amazing and she is just stunning in person! You can see more of her work here and check out her website here. Apparently she was head stylist at the Sydney Morning Herald for three years and has now become a freelancer. She is also fashion editor for My Child magazine. I think I want to throw up I am so jealous........

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sam said...

hey, Sam Moiler here. just discovered your little blog and stoked you like my stuff. keep up the good work X