Monday, October 26, 2009

Paula Joye's Hampton Inspired Home

I really loved Paula Joye's home (editor of Madison magazine) featured in the Australian House & Garden magazine last month. Of course it is no surprise that it is fab-u-lous, she is after all an fashion magazine editor and always looks polished and stylish herself. I am particularly loving the palm tree prints in her bedroom and might start hunting some down for my very own bedroom...Oh and of course her little girls bedrooms are adorable also. I am loving the use of the palm tree fronds used throughout her house. I always strip our garden for fronds and place them throughout my home. Lush, Green foliage can sometimes look just as good as pretty blooms and are a cheap alternative, and I think, offer a point of difference from flowers and create a whole different look for a change.

PS. The weekend away was fantastic. As anticipated my stomach is so sore from laughing so hard...

Images via: Australian House & Garden

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kickin' it poolside...

Ladies I hate to gloat (but what the heck I don't get to do this very often!) because this weekend this is where you will find me, kickin' it poolside at the lovely Peppers Resort with the girls. (The kind you belly-laugh your ass off with) and no boys or children allowed! We have booked a room with our very own plunge pool. The cocktail list is confirmed, ipod dock charged and the chocolate fondue fountain will be a flowin' because really there can be no room for a diet on a girlie break!

I hope you enjoy your weekend too!

Images via: Here

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rock The Kasbah!

A little different from what I usually post about......but I find these images beautiful and other worldly and all of those tiles look divine. I also can't get that song out of my head by The Clash - "Rock the Kasbah"!

Images: Here

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Teacups and Roses Florist

...and my love for pink & navy lives on....This is seriously THE most beautiful florist I have ever been to. Situated in Murwillumbah on the far north coast of NSW lies a lovely old fashioned shop where flowers abound. Trinkets and treasures delight and awaken the senses and I only wish I could of taken photos of the interior for you, but alas it was not open this day! Ahh..better luck next time. Now I want to be a florist!
Note: Please forgive me for my terrible photography skills!

Images via: Me

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Black & White

Still loving Black & White. Simple. Elegant...
Hope everyone had a good weekend. I seem to of misplaced my Monday? Where did it go? I woke up this morning thinking it was Monday! Very Weird.

Images: Here

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yasmin's Bedroom Tour

The ever lovely Amanda from Swish & Swanky has posted on Yasmin's bedroom today for her children's series she is currently hosting. So Head on on over there to have a sticky beak at Yasmin's room and lots of other, great inspiring kids bedrooms. Plus lots of goodies and giveaways galore!
Thanks Amanda! x


Yes, yes - I have jumped on the Ikat bandwagon! I actually bought these cushions a few months ago and do still love them. Apparently I am going through a blue/turquoise phase at the moment. I will let you know how long it I seem to have a tendency to change my mind. A lot.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eye Candy

Are'nt these images fantastic? This is Sarah Greens 60's inspired apartment. Sarah has her own Paddington store selling accessories and vintage jewellery, hence the fabulous jewellery shot! (I wish I owned just a quarter of that jewellery). I am especially loving the kitchen - so busy yet so organised! Oh how I do wish I was organised.....
Images: Here

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It seems Orange is cool.....

So tell me my friends, when did orange become so cool? Fashion and decor seem to run hand in hand and smelt together, but It seems what's cool on the runway is also deemed cool in your home. I thoroughly disagree in this case! (Seeing as I only just painted over my burnt orange walls with white and have never been happier.) The only orange in my home I am coveting is maybe a little Hermes box or perhaps a bottle of Veuve....but these pictures seem to do it justice.... in moderation... Would you have orange in your home?
Image 4: Sorry Unknown
Image 6: We Heart It
Image 7: Sorry Unknown
Image 8: Veuve Clicquot
Image 9: Elle Decor

Friday, October 9, 2009

Soak It Up...

Soak it the tub of your choice! I am looking forward to a long, hot, scented bath over the weekend. My weary muscles are just screaming out for one!
Have a lovely weekend, and see you back here Monday.

Images 1, 5, 6, 7 via we heart it
Image 2: Sweet Home Style (Tumblr)
Image 3 via: This is glamorous
Image 4 via: Desire to Inspire

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thrifty Chic - DIY Fabric Bangles

Coral, Purple & Cream fabric covered bangles

Ladies here's some "money for jam" or "bang for your buck." DIY fabric covered bangles. If your a fabric fiend like me then chances are you have loads of it around the house. So all you will need for this project is your old bangles, hot glue gun, scissors and selected fabric.

Cut fabric into strips of 35ml or bigger. (Depending on the size/width of your bangles you are covering). Double the fabric strip lengthwise, then iron. Tightly start winding the fabric in a diagonal direction around the bangle being sure to cover the raw edge of the material with each loop you do. Finish off with a dab of hot glue to secure fabric in its place and cut off excess fabric. Voila! A new set of up-cycled bangles!
Images via me.