Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well today is my 28th Birthday! Yah! (I don't know what I am yah-ing for?? Most probably for the cake!) for the first thing i did this morning was check the mirror for wrinkles and signs of premature aging of the skin since I have a sick addition to the sun......(more about that another post.) I did however receive off my fantabulous husband my brand spankin' new Mimco bag (which I confess, I purchased over three months ago, on credit mind, and also on the proviso by my husband that I wasn't supposed to use it until my actual birthday! Needless to say that DIDN'T happen. I have been using it since I bought it! (Shh). So it was very nice to receive another present this morning a gift voucher for an Absolute Spa Ritual. Which is from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head! (Can't wait to use that one!). So tonight my husband and I are going out for dinner....ah shucks he spoils me so..... Now I am thinking with money I receive from my birthday I shall purchase one of these divine Tiffany & Co Key Pendants. Aren't they just fabulous and such a statement piece? I just know I will be in the biggest tizz trying to make a decision on which one to pick though!!!
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