Friday, July 17, 2009

Gosh I love Fridays!

Golly gosh, how I love Fridays! it's my time to un-wind, have a wine (or two) and look forward to the weekend..... Don't you just love this photo? It absolutely epitomises my "down-time" and my idea of relaxing....This sneak peak pic is from the Seafolly Swimwear campaign for the Summer 09/10 season and boy am I impressed. Bring on Summer I say! Click here for more drool-worthy keenies!
Image via: The Vine


Elena @ white picket fence said...

Now that i've finished my post, I'm off to do exactly this! We're in Long Beach, NY this month. Elena

Cyma said...

I love weekends and I can't wait for summers. AM so over this cold and windy Melbourne weather.