Friday, November 27, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

Let's Celebrate! Because:
A: It's Friday
B: It's Friday
C: It's smokin' hot here (In Australia anyway)
D: Tis' the Season (well it's really close)
& E: You know you really want too especially after seeing this mouth watering, thirst quenching post!

Well I am off to make some white choc, hazel nut & coconut truffles and also some rum balls for a Christmas party I am attending over the weekend...
Hope you have a great weekend!
Images via: Flickr, This is Glam, Mary Ruffle, Shannon Fricke


Amanda said...

All those drinks look so refreshing - bring on the warm weather I say!! The truffles sound divine - you'll have to share the recipe with us!!

Sharnel said...

Makes me want to break out the Verve I bought this week. Pink Verve too, with flutes!! Oh I can't wait for Christmas.
Have fun at the partay!

Kimberlee said...

gorgeous selection of pics - I'm thinkig I need to start this weekend early! xx

HCA said...

All of those drinks look so great! Love your blog, congrats on being a new mom! It's fun, crazy and fun again. Right?