Thursday, June 25, 2009

Printdolls "Afternoon Delight" Luncheon

Gorgeous table setting......

Old doors were used as the table..Fantastic Idea!

Simple yet chic..

loving that greenery and all mismatched chairs..

Printdolls International Print

Printdolls Palm Beach Print

The ladies from the fabulous brand Printdolls held an "afternoon delight" luncheon for their family and friends for the silly season last year. I have had these images in my entertaining file (captured by Nick Scott Photography) for a long time now as I just love the table settings....Old rustic doors were used for the table and mismatched chairs for the guests. I particularly love the use of greenery they have used, I am quite fond of using palm fronds and luscious, exotic leaves. I think they look fab and are a great alternative to flowers if you want to save your johnny cash. I love the Printdolls international print which you can buy here. Another little something to add to my ever growing "wish list"!

Images via: Printdolls website

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Cyma said...

I also have these pictures in my favs, and I totally agree about the table-setting.
Love their work!