Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Yasmin!

It's my daughter Yasmin's 3rd birthday today. So she knew she would be getting a present this morning, but I didn't anticipate that she would be up at the crack of dawn, or I for that matter would be out with bird's nest hair, in my mismatching sloppy-ass, pj's on the road trying to teach her to ride her new, pink (everything has to be pink!) bike. I am flat out trying to get a revolution out of her - she keeps trying to go backwards thus hitting the breaks all the time! My back is so sore from bending over, I have thoroughly embarrassed myself and my early-bird neighbours in my unkempt state, have no COFFEE in my household and it is only 7.30! Grrr
Now I am off to bake some cupcakes for the birthday girl!
Image: Oobi via Fat Mum Slim


Jane said...

This post of yours actually makes me excited to become a mum! I wish I was pregnant or had a kid....that's about the first time I've ever said that!

Cyma said...

A very Happy Birthday to Yasmin, things we do for our kids...Your post made me was my son's birthday last week and he got up at 4 in the morning too!

Sharnel said...

Happy Birthday Yasmine!!
I'm sure you look fab in your sloppy ass mismatched pj's!

The Wifestyle Files said...

Jane - if anything I would've thought it would of turned you off kids for Good! LOL

Kellie Collis said...

I do love that first fireplace, the blue and white is divine!