Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A touch of the exotic..

I need a holiday. Preferably somewhere luxuriously exotic like the photos above. Somewhere where I can swing in a hammock, fall asleep in dappled sunlight, watch curtains blow in the breeze, drink cocktails & float in the ocean....*sigh*. My husband and I are going on a mini-break next weekend to stay in a waterfront cabin at Yamba. I am looking forward to it immensely but after seeing these images, it just quite doesn't cut it does it?
Image 6 via: Marie Claire Maison
Image 7 via: Coco and Kelly
Image 8 via: House and Garden


Cyma said...

Lovely images...ooh atleast you're going on a mini-break, hope you'll have fun :)

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

The sixth image down is AH-MAZING! I love!

samia said...

wat images.. !!!!! i fell off teh chair completely.. have a blast of a mini vacation.. its teh quality of the time that matters.. even a beautiful image can make a difference.. ur mni vacatin most certainly will make great dofference

Digella said...

I am lucky enough to say I have stayed at Elandra. I work at an organisation which demands me to travel to Mission Beach yearly and it really is a magical place. Unfortunately I also have to travel to Rockhampton which is less than glam. But hey, a change is as good as a holiday :)