Monday, September 7, 2009

Loving: Knotted Curtains.... and Ellen Degeneres

How beautiful are these pictures of Ellen & Portia's wedding? I have been scrounging round the net for more images of their big day. I just love this wedding! Well what I have seen of it anyway.....I'm sooo hungry for more photos! The styling, those chairs! And don't the knotted curtains just look fabulous? I'm a huge fan of a knotted curtain. (Pity I don't have any curtains in my house). They look so simple, yet so elegant and beautiful....

Note: I would marry Ellen if I could! No. Seriously I would. It's a pity I am not a lesbian though, so I may have to settle for being her BFF.

Images: Lara Porzak


Cyma said...

I adores their wedding pictures too (saw them on Ellen's morning show), i like the mismatched chairs and yes the curtains add so much style.

7 Year Wedding said...

The knotted curtain looks divine, and would be so easy to do. It could look great on a balcony as well-ahhh I'll keep dreaming!

Sharnel said...

No no, no no! Ellen is mine!
I found her first.
you see, Ellen is the one woman l'd turn gay for!!