Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coastal Cool

Gorgeous deck looking out toward the guest bungalow...

So cute....Love the blue and white stripe awnings.

I just love an old beach shack! Is there nothing better? This cute, coastal cottage is situated in the picturesque town of Wooli, has 2 bedrooms, a sleepout and a guest bungalow all with private access to the beach......second mortgage anyone??? You can find more photos here and check out another gorgeous beachfront cottage here. On another note, hopefully my lotto numbers will come up tonight for the cool 90 million - oh would'nt it be nice??

Images via: realestate.com.au

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tea & Treats with friends...

Hope you all had a a fantastic weekend ladies! I certainly did since the sun was up and shining all day Sunday! Today I am looking forward to tea and treats with a group of girlfriends that are coming over today. I thought I would treat them to some yummy white choc and raspberry muffins fresh out of the oven. (You can find the recipe here). And then a nice warm hearty pumpkin soup with warm crusty bread for lunch.......Oh how I heart friends! Now, I best be off to start cooking....
Inspirational Image via: Anna Spiro, Absolutelybeautifulthings

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aerin Lauder's East Hampton Home

I love Aerin! No - not because we share the same name (hers is spelt way cooler though) but because she is just so gorgeous and her style is so effortless! I'm just dizzy in love with her East Hampton house and the fact that they plant white flowers, roses, peonies and hydrangeas in the gardens! I bet her house smells just as amazing as it looks.....

Have a great weekend ladies and see you all on Monday!

Images via: Elle Decor - pointclickhome

Printdolls "Afternoon Delight" Luncheon

Gorgeous table setting......

Old doors were used as the table..Fantastic Idea!

Simple yet chic..

loving that greenery and all mismatched chairs..

Printdolls International Print

Printdolls Palm Beach Print

The ladies from the fabulous brand Printdolls held an "afternoon delight" luncheon for their family and friends for the silly season last year. I have had these images in my entertaining file (captured by Nick Scott Photography) for a long time now as I just love the table settings....Old rustic doors were used for the table and mismatched chairs for the guests. I particularly love the use of greenery they have used, I am quite fond of using palm fronds and luscious, exotic leaves. I think they look fab and are a great alternative to flowers if you want to save your johnny cash. I love the Printdolls international print which you can buy here. Another little something to add to my ever growing "wish list"!

Images via: Printdolls website

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Never Judge a book by it's cover!

(*) is substituted for the word Porn. (Note: First/last & only time this word will ever be used on my blog.)

Whilst perusing blog, Luphia Loves (which I just simply adore) I came across these gorgeous photos of: The Girl Who Tamed The Tiger and promptly fell in love with that book on the first image. (Yes I will buy a book for it's cover only!) S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G! So a little googling later and I find out that this book, Agent Provocateur - Secrets is a collection of erotic fiction/*. Wowzer!! Now ladies I don't know about you but If I am going to read ahem *, not that I do - and I can't stress this enough, (and I can't believe I am writing this on my blog), but it has got to be of the very pretty kind to be sitting on my bedside table.... and that my friends, is a seriously pretty book of *.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dreaming of sunlight

It's so wet and miserable here today, yesterday, and last week for that matter, and as much as I love the rain - its starting to get me down....(I have so much washing that is wet and so much more to do!) So I thought I could live vicariously through this girl....I want to be lying around basking in the sun, on the beach, in sequins...
Image: Photography by Sandra Freij

Monday, June 22, 2009

Beautiful Bentwood...

I am quite partial to the bentwood chair. In fact I have a bentwood rocker that I picked up for a song at the Aussie Junk Shop which I intend to do up.....(One of these days, God willing!).
I especially love the first image with the two Bentwood chairs next to the dresser, so classic and so simple yet so lovely....I think I would have a really good sleep in that bed...zzz

Image 1: Sorry Unknown
Image 2: sfgirlbybay
Image 3:Joanna Henderson Photography

Friday, June 19, 2009

Totally Tabletops

I do love a beautifully set tabletop. I also love going out for dinner and trying new restaurants. How does the saying go? "Good food, good wine & good friends." Along with a gorgeous tabletop and candlelight I might add........
Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully you get treated, or you treat someone you love out for dinner!
Image 1: Sorry unknown
Image 2: Instyle Magazine
Image 3: Coco & Kelly

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vintage Bally Poster

I spied this original vintage poster over at GalerieMontmarte. "*A clever design from Gauthier incorporating a Bally shoe as part of the woman's body. The piece has a dual quality in that it seems more detailed from a distance, and abstract up close." *Words from website. Can you imagine this poster in an ornate, gold frame? Swoon...Ladies this piece would have to go in my "I'm single and out partying every weeknight house...."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mirror Madness

I really, really want this mirror! I want it so much it hurts.....One day it will be mine - I can feel it.... I first spied this mirror in a favourite clothing shop of mine and since then have been hooked. I. want. it. bad! So I was very excited to see in my copy of Madison Living that Christina Re also has one in her dining room. She has nice taste! The lovely lady in the shop said she thinks they are from Sydney Wholesalers? Do any of you Aussie bloggers out there know who this company is? I have googled but alas to no avail! Please put me out of my misery...
scanned image: Madison Living via Anna Villa

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Little Alfie Style

I just couldn't resist posting these absolutely amazing pictures of Sienna Miller in the movie Alfie. I just love, love, love her style.....so thrown together but oh so boho chic! I could watch this movie over and over again just to watch Sienna....(and Jude law of course!).

Monday, June 15, 2009


Ta-da! I finally got my arse into gear and organised a pretty workspace for myself......It needed to be three things: pretty, functional and pretty. You get the idea! Somewhere where I could sit, blog, play bills and get my life organised! (Because lets face it the other room I showed you was just too atrocious and no before you ask I haven't got to that room yet!) The gorgeous antique table was actually my mothers (that she gave me on a whim and now wishes she hadn't). It hasn't had handles for like ever so I went to Bunnings and found these gorgeous, gold, shell-like, semi-circle handles that I just adore! Two drawers: One for my diary and the other for all of my desk paraphernalia. (pencils/pens/etc). Ikea magazine holders, an unused dining chair and cushion from my lounge, a rattan basket to store paperwork, and hey presto makeover magic - a lovely little workstation. Now of course I didn't buy anything at all, just collected/transferred unused things from around the house. I can't see myself sitting on that dining chair for long though so I think my next purchase will definitely be a nice office chair......So you like?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tears In Heaven

You might remember my post here when I blogged about my pregnancy. Well I received a lovely email from a follower asking me when my baby is due, if I am going to find out the sex, and how I am going to decorate the nursery..........So with a heavy heart I thought today will be the day that I impart the very sad news that unfortunately I lost my baby 2 weeks ago.

I can't even begin to describe the absolute shock and numbness I felt when my sonographer advised me that their was a problem with my pregnancy, my baby, that it had not grown and that she could not find a heartbeat. I do remember though, through the tears and immediate haze of grief that she was the most beautiful and caring lady, and was having a hard time herself trying not to cry. Upon leaving I clutched at her arm and said "Thank you - (sniffle, sniffle, sniffle) you have been so nice to me". And I will never forget her.

To be completely honest I never thought this would happen to me. The thought never, ever crossed my mind. I had had an uneventful first pregnancy which had produced the most beautiful and healthy little girl so why should I even worry about this one? The weeks were inked into my diary, the due date set @ 01/12/09 and of course my mind was tick, tick, ticking in regards to decorating the nursery. (Nb: Navy and Turquoise for boy / Navy and Pink for girl). I can say though I am a little ashamed at myself for not having had more empathy towards friends I had known who had miscarried. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the pain they would be feeling and my husband certainly summed it up when he said/cried "Erin, how can you love someone so much that you have never met before?". (cue breakdown). I seriously don't know.

But fortunately for me I am one of those annoyingly optimistic people, you know the one, "my glass is always half full and all that", and if anything good has come of this it is the fact that I have realised that I have the most wonderful family and friends. Seriously. My house still looks like a florist, I have had meals on wheels at my door, wine/tears/hugs and words of wisdom from friends, and a wonderful girlfriend got me a buddy box (The quirky alternative to flowers) which I am proud to say contained all chocolate which I ate in a day and you know what? It really made me feel better.

So this ones for you little babe, even though I will never see, hear or hold you here on earth I truly believe I will see you one day in heaven and until then I hope your angels take care of you until your mummy gets there.......

Thanks for attending my pity party ladies. This has made me feel much better.


Image via; oobi.com.au

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nellies Notty Necklace

Now I have mentioned before how talented my big sis is (and how jealous I am of her extensive sewing abilities when mine are so limited). I just absolutely love these children's necklace's that she has hand made from assorted vintage and new fabrics. They are just gorgeous on little girls and my little daughter certainly adores hers!...I am a real sucker when it comes to children's' accessories and find it extremely refreshing when I happen upon children's items that aren't mass produced, don't hurt my eyes, and don't have Dora on them. And it appears I am not the only one! We were in Byron on Monday for the long weekend and I can't tell you how many comments we got on it. (You can buy them here for only $10.95(!) and see more of her other creations over at her blog.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Like a nice tall boy...

Look past that magnificent bookcase and through to the next room. I have never noticed this tall boy before...
Beautiful in an entrance way.......

Upcycled: Painted, and with varying handles.....

Old Skool Vintage....

The tall boy: Clearly the unsung hero. I can't believe how I have overlooked the tall boy/dresser/chest of drawers! Before my love affair with blogs I just thought they were an annoying piece of furniture to be placed in the bedroom for practicality and for all of us with non-existent and small wardrobes. (And a place to put all of our smalls and mismatched socks.) Oh how wrong was I?! These pictures have certainly inspired me to get creative and upcycle my tallboy with a lick of paint/varnish, a little decoration, and maybe some new hardware......
Now lastly not least a big, huge, thank you to Amanda over at Swish & Swanky. I was 'uber-flattered', and floored to read on Fridays post that she had mentioned my blog....and thus have'nt been able to wipe the grin off of my face since.
Image 1: Marthastewart.com
Image 2: Sorry Unknown
Image 3: Domino Magazine
Image 4: Living Etc
Image 5: The Enchanted Closet
Image 6: Sorry Unknown
Image 7: Anna Spiro (Absolutely Beautiful Things)