Thursday, March 19, 2009

**Girly Hair Clips**

Favourtie # 1

Favourite # 2

Remember I told you last time I had a problem with the hot glue gun? Well now the problem has worsened, ten-fold!
But don't these button hair clips look oh-so-sweet? I can't wait to put them in Yas's hair. I have also made some for my girlfriends I am not that bad......really. My favourite are image # 1: A lovely black and white stripe grosgrain ribbon with a gold and pale coral button, followed closely by image # 2. The images don't do them justice. (Note: These are really bad shots -they are so grainy and the colour has not come out right and the clips just came straight off the hot glue gun press, hence the glue still sticking on some clips). Let me know what you think????

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