Friday, March 6, 2009

Today is my 5th Wedding Anniversary

Funny Story: Today is my 5th Wedding Anniversary! Doesn't the time fly? Today I received from my dear, darling husband a HUGE bunch of white tigerlilys - my absolute favourite flower and they smell so good too! He really does know me so well.......there was not a carnation or baby's breath in sight, however - the down side; he did actually forget that it was our wedding anniversary for the SECOND time in a row.......and the flowers did come after he found his anniversary present in his car this morning - what is it with men???? I mean I am by no means an Oprah man basher but alas 2 times!!! You would think he would at least pencil it in his diary for future reference....On the brighter side maybe this just means that I will receive my disproportionate Tiffany celebration ring sooner rather than later..Lets just hope......

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