Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ladies Luncheon + Fresh Roses

Tomorrow I am having a few of my good, girly friends & their children over for lunch so I thought I would pop out and buy some beautiful flowers. One of the reasons why I love living in a little community is the fresh roses that are delivered straight from the rose farm to the local fruit shop! And what a price @ $9.00 for a bunch of ten! If I had known these puppies where around at the time of my wedding I would've saved hundreds and hundreds of $$$ and made my own rose bouquets by simply wrapping a little twine or ribbon around them - Simple yet beautiful!
Oh and I thought whilst I am blogging about flowers I should show you a picture of the lovely bunch of Tigerlilly's my husband sent me for our wedding anniversary (you know the one he forgot?)......
Oh and stay tuned for tomorrows post as I will be posting about my sisters house that she has put on the market!

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