Monday, March 30, 2009

Wedding Wonderful Part 2

The wedding I went to over the weekend was so lovely. The bridegroom whom my husband and I have known for a long time now was so emotional (which was a complete surprise coming from such a large, burly and normally potty-mouthed man!) The table settings looked gorgeous and I thought they did very well for a budget/diy wedding.......
As mentioned in Thursday's post I promised to post pictures of my Zimmerman dress that I cut off and added tulle too for the wedding......So what do you think? Now because I am sitting down the dress looks a LOT shorter than it actually is (Skank is certainly not my style). However I ended up not using any black accents (as per previous post) and instead opted for neutral tan and gold accessories......

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Erica said...


I just came across your blog from a mention on ADA & DARCY - it's very pretty & your jewelry is fabulous here.